Waco Flag

City of Waco Flag with City Council

Waco City Council adopted and unveiled a new flag design replacing the previous suspension bridge design. The prior flag, designed by Mr. Gwen Stewart in 1985, has served the City well for over three decades. Mr. Stewart was the original department chair of the Texas State Technical Institute Commercial Arts & Advertising Program. His suspension bridge design was selected in Nov. 1985 from hundreds of entries for a flag representing the City of Waco.

However, in 2015, discussion of state flag design inspired many governments to make a change moving away from detailed, complex imagery and toward the core principles of good flag design. According to the North American Vexillological Association, the largest organization in the world devoted to the study of flags, good flag design needs simple and bold symbolism with a few basic colors.

Flag of Waco, Texas The new design incorporates some of the most iconic aspects of Waco — the Brazos and Bosque Rivers and the Flying W, all while integrating our Waco-branded blues. Although lettering is not recommended on flags, the Flying W transcends text, functioning as a symbol of Waco’s identity. As for our rivers, those are represented simply with parallel lines.

We’re excited to proudly wave the new City of Waco flag in our community for years to come.

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