Vehicles for Hire in the City of Waco

The City of Waco policy is to provide for and promote adequate and efficient vehicle for hire service in the City of Waco.  Chapter 27 "Vehicles for Hire" of The Code of Ordinances provides for the regulations of vehicles for hire to be carried out in a manner that protects the public health and safety and respects the concept of free enterpriset

The City Secretary's Office is responsible for administering the vehicle for hire ordinance.  Vehicle for Hire applications and Driver's permit applications are availabe online and in the City Secretary's Office, City Hall, 300 Austin Avenue, on the first floor.  Applications must be submitted in the City Secretary's Office with a $25.00 non-refundable application fee.  Requests are processed for approval by the City Secretary and a permit fee of $100.00 per vehicle is required.  Vehicles are inspected by the City of Waco Fleet Services Department by appointment.  A driver's permit fee is $25.00.

Currently Permitted Vehicle for Hire Services:

Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Co.

PO Box 7376, Glen Rose, TX 76043

(817) 382-9855  


(254) 899-9335