Waco Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project

BRT Project Overview & Background

Waco Transit System (WTS) is developing a 13-mile BRT route that would offer safe, reliable and efficient transitservice by providing buses every 15-minutes during peak service hours, extending service hours to 10 p.m., and providing service on Sundays.

In 2018 WTS and the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) finalized the Waco BRT Feasibility Study. The result of this community-driven effort was the identification of the BRT corridor with the greatest potential to support transit investment improvements, designated as the LocallyPreferred Alternative (LPA). The BRT route is oriented in a northeast-southwest direction and if implementedwould serve industrial and commercial employment centers, the Central Business District, as well as important retail centers for residents and visitors. It would also connect Waco with theadjacent cities of Woodway, Beverly Hills, Bellmead and Lacy-Lakeview. The proposed BRT route would also provide better and more efficient transfers to other routes operated by Waco TransitSystem.

The project is now at the next phase in the development process which involves preliminary engineering and environmental review. The purpose for advancing this project with the goal of implementing BRT service in Waco is to offer residents enhanced mobility and to provide improved access to jobs, medical and social services, and educational facilities. Ultimately, the project would connect the community through a safe and rapid transit ride.

Proposed BRT Route and Station Locations

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Features of the proposed Waco BRT Service include:

Frequent Service

Frequent Service

A bus every 15 minutes, during peak-hour service.

Service Span

Service Span

Later service and weekend service.



A sense of comfort, security and accessibility.


Transit Guideway

Dedicated space for transit where possible.



Technology for safe, easy to use transit.

We want your feedback!

We welcome your input during this important development phase of the project. If you wish to submit comments or questions, please send an email to WacoBRT@gmail.com.

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Project Phone Line: 844-922-6278 (WAC-OBRT)

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