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Did you know that that City of Waco will treat over 10.6 million square feet of streets this year? Projects identified in the map link outline the City's investment in streets proposed under the Pavement Management Program. Please note adjustments may have to be made to the project schedule and we will do our best to provide updated information on projects that will impact traffic.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

About the Selection Process

When does work begin on my street?

The following criteria are the basis used by City staff to select streets for preservation or rehabilitation:

  1. Engineering-based real time data that identifies the “best value” street needs related to maintenance through various preservation and rehabilitation strategies.
  2. Geographic distribution throughout the community that ensures all areas of the City receive  benefits from the Program.
  3. Citizen input on bond-funded project selection and other improvements included in the program.

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Types of Pavement Management Strategies

Crack Sealing:

This consists of cleaning and sealing the cracks in the pavement with an asphalt sealant to prevent moisture from entering into the flexible base and/or subgrade material. This is the least expensive form of preventive maintenance.

VIDEO: What is Crack Sealing & How is it Done?

Pothole Repairs:

These repairs consist of removing loose material from a small, shallow repair area, applying tack coat to the surface, then placing the repair material to grade and compacting to conform to the existing roadway surface.

Base Repairs:

Generally larger and deeper than pothole repair. This consists of saw-cutting the area and removing the loose, existing asphalt pavement and base material. Once cleaned out, a tack coat is appliedand new material is placed in lifts of no more than 4” deep. Repairs are finished to grade and compacted to conform to the existing surface using rollers. These repairs are done to extend the life of the roadway.

Blade Level-up:

This work consists of the placement of a thin layer of asphalt pavement to fill-in areas of the pavement that hold water due to the shifting subgrade. Since standing water can be detrimental to a pavement section over time, it is good to make sure water drains properly.

Surface Seals & Thin Overlays:

A surface seal consists of spraying a thin layer of asphalt combined with a thin layer of small aggregate over the existing pavement.  An additional option is laying  a thin hot-mix asphalt pavement overlay (approximately 1” thick) over the surface seal.  This is done to waterproof the existing street surface and to increase skid resistance and life of the pavement section.

Mill & Overlays:

This work involves milling 1”  to 3” of the existing pavement section and placing a single layer of hot-mix asphalt pavement which is used to restore the street to its original shape and ride.

Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of Roadways:

When the existing pavement has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be repaired, we have to rehab or reconstruct it.  This consists of reconstructing the entire roadway section, replacing sections of concrete curb and fixing the drainage issues so water drains properly.

VIDEO: 25th Street from Franklin Ave to Waco Drive - September 2018

From the staff

We want to improve your experience!

We realize Streets Projects can be an inconvenience to residents, but without upgrades and maintenance the end result will be more pavement deterioration and we want to make the streets the best they can be!

We truly appreciate your cooperation and patience as we make these important improvements in your neighborhood.

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