Drainage Fee

The Drainage Fee is dedicated to the Drainage Utility and cannot be used for other purposes.

The fee is based upon the amount of impervious cover (sidewalks, driveways, rooftops, etc.) on piece of property.  These are the areas that increase the amount of runoff compared to undeveloped land.  Even if a property has stormwater management controls like detention, the volume of runoff increases with increased impervious cover, adding a burden to the City’s drainage network. 

The median single-family home in Waco has 2,633 sq. ft of impervious cover; we call this area an Equivalent Residential Unit or ERU.  The fee for one ERU was set by Council after several public hearings at $5.41/month (not the $5.72 reported in the paper).  Homes with medium impervious cover (1,961-3,400) are charged for one ERU; smaller homes with less impervious cover (500-1960) are charged for 0.57 ERUs or $3.08/month; large home with more impervious cover (3401 and up) are charged for 1.74 ERUs or $9.41/month.  Commercial customers are based on their actual impervious cover at the rate on $5.41/month per ERU.  If a lot has less than 500 sq ft of impervious cover, the fee is waived.

Property owners may appeal the fee if they think the amount to impervious cover is incorrect or if they think their property should be exempt.  Review the Drainage Utility FAQs prior to submitting an appeal to help expedite the process.  The CLICK HERE to overview the appeals process.


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