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Landon Branch

Landon Branch Welcome Letter


The purpose of the Landon Branch Neighborhood Association (LBNA) is to work together using open communication with our residents, property owners, business owners, city government, police, and other institutions to sustain a healthy, safe, well maintained neighborhood, and to instill a vibrant sense of community.


  • To eliminate crime and drugs in our community by working closely with our local Police Department in conjunction with our neighbors to ensure that our neighborhood is secure and safe to live and work in for everyone.
  • To encourage membership to our association so our residents can build relationships between neighbors, businesses, police, and entities in the area.
  • To encourage restoration, preservation, and improvements within our neighborhood, and to provide information to our residents on where to find the city’s requirements for the land-home improvements.


  • To inform the LBNA residents of the crime statistics within our area and to provide guidance on ways for our residence to be safe and secure.
  • To inform the LBNA residents of homeowners, business, and land developer’s proposals of zoning changes and building improvements and additions.
  • To inform the LBNA residents of the City of Waco City Council announcements that may include changes to city services and street improvements that would affect our residents.


Membership is from January 1, through December 31.  While membership in the Landon Branch Neighborhood Association (LBNA) is open to anyone who has an interest in the goals and objectives of the Association, voting membership is for anyone living or operating a business within the neighborhood boundaries. Annual dues are $5 for individuals, $25 for households, non-profit institutions, and businesses. To become a member, send our Treasurer a check made out to Landon Branch Neighborhood Association (LBNA) and please write membership dues in the memo line and send your payment to:
Stephen Dolson, LBNA Treasurer
4308 Denton CIR
Waco, TX 76710-2125

President -Gary Miller, Interim
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - Lori Roller
Treasurer - Stephen Dolson
Past President - Vacant

Sector 1 - Vacant
Sector 2 - Vacant
Sector 3 - DeLisa Burnell-Smith and Bryan Sulak
Sector 4 - Nell Lavender
Sector 5 - Anna Kazanas

Vice President - Duties and Responsibilities: Represents LBNA in the absence of the President and exercises the powers of that office; assists the President in planning and organizing meetings and special events approved by the Board; is ex officio member of all committees.
Past President – Duties and Responsibilities: Provides appraisals of the association’s commitments and tasks undertook by the preceding Boards.  Shall provide experience to assist the President and other Board members and association members.
Sector 1 Representative - Duties and Responsibilities: Report on the activites of the respective sector to the Boards of Directors and the Association.
Sector 2 Representative - Duties and Responsibilities: Report on the activites of the respective sector to the Boards of Directors and the Association.

Landon Branch Neighborhood Bylaws
Landon Branch map

Next meeting: October 17, 2019 at Uncle Dan’s Barbeque (1001 Lake Air and Valley Mills Dr.)
Dinner at 6 p.m. // Meeting at 6:30 p.m.


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