Brook Oaks Neighborhood Association

Brook Oaks


The name Brook Oaks was chosen for the neighborhood association to honor the old landmark, Brook Avenue Elementary School, which was rebuilt in 1999 and serves our neighborhood once again, and for the numerous stately oak trees still growing within the neighborhood.


The purpose of the association, as defined by the bylaws, is to unite and organize the community; to promote and establish closer neighborhood ties; and to encourage and assist in the restoration, preservation, and improvement of the neighborhood.


The Brook Oaks neighborhood has several amenities including the Cameron Park Zoo, Pecan Bottoms in Cameron Park, The Waco McLennan County Health Distict, Family Health Center, Dewey Park, Brook Oaks Senior Residence, 15th Street and 18th Street Corridor restraunts, and West Avenue and Brook Avenue Recognized schools. Two historic landmark homes along the 5th street corridor.


  • Increase and upgrade infrastructure, streets and drainage.
  • Invest in existing housing stock, painting and roof repair.
  • Embrace quality affordable housing.
  • Increase new and accessible sidewalks.
  • Improve animal control.
  • Improved communication to neighbors through email lists.
  • Stricter and proactive code compliance.
  • Establish community policing strategies.
  • Promote more small businesses in the neighborhood.
  • Increase lighting in the neighborhood.
  • Improve maintenance of vacant lots and alleyways.


  • 2014: New Fire Station
  • 2014: Cameron Heights
  • 2016: Jubilee Food Market
  • 2016: New Dewey Center
  • 2017: Barron Branch Apartments
  • 2019: CASA of McLennan County moved to Brook Oaks
  • Dewey Park Improvements: Spray Park, Walk Track, Outside Basket Ball Court and Disk Golf Course


Memberships, according to the Brook Oaks bylaws, are open to anyone who lives, works or does business in the boundaries of the neighborhood. Current dues are:

  • $5 a year for a residential membership
  • $17.50 a year for a commercial membership
  • $2.50 for a senior citizen membership

To pay membership dues, please contact Robert Jackson, Vice-President.


The fourth Monday of every month at the Dewey Center, 925 N. 9th, 6 p.m. All meetings are open to the public.


Sammy Smith, President
(254) 754-0069

Robert Jackson
(254) 717-0279

Featured in Brook Oaks: Community Gathering Space at Waco Family Medicine

community gathering space

The Community Gathering Space is a shared gardening and greenspace developed by Waco Family Medicine located at 16th Street and Colcord Ave between Waco Family Medicine and the Brook Oaks Senior Residences. In addition to the garden and sitting area, you’ll often find community events, gardening classes, food trucks and many opportunities for the community to get together.


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