Waco Trivia

(from the City of Waco eNewsletter)



Did you know. . . . .

In 1866, Waco's leading citizens embarked on an ambitious project to build the first bridge to span the wide Brazos River. They formed the Waco Bridge Company to build the 475-foot (145 m) brick Waco Suspension Bridge, which was completed in 1870.

Did you know. . . . .

In 1845, Baylor University was founded in Independence, Texas. It moved to Waco in 1886 and merged with Waco University, becoming an integral part of the city.

What date did a tornado hit downtown Waco killing 114 people?

May 11, 1953

What is the tallest building in Waco?

The Alico Building at 22 stories high, built in 1911.