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NEW LOCATION: 209 South 28th Street in Waco
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The City of Waco is in the process of preparing its DRAFT Strategic Plan for Ending Homelessness which serves a roadmap to end homelessness in Waco through the development of strategic goals and strategies. Through working collaboratively with the Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition and service providers, we will be able to develop a homeless system that aims to prevent and end homelessness while equipping our residents with tools to be successful in the journey to becoming self-sufficient. You may review the report and presentation below:


Please submit your feedback to the Community Services Department by e-mailing DraftHomelessPlanFeedback@wacotx.gov

Housing Plan/Study Presentation

On January 10th , Mullin & Lonergan (M&L) Associates presented on the draft Strategic Housing Plan/Study. Mullin & Lonergan reported findings regarding housing disparities and related factors associated with the lack of affordable housing and provided strategies and recommendations to address Waco's affordable housing issues.

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2020-2021 Annual Action Plan

City of Waco, Texas 2019-2023 Five Year Consolidated Plan andFY 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan

Citizen Participation Plan ( Revised September 2016)

2018-2019 Consolidated Annual Performance Report

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Our Programs

Housing and Economic Development Services is achieving this goal through numerous programs. These programs allow applicants within the City of Waco to apply for help with some priority housing needs.

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Mission Statement

To ensure that equal opportunities are available for all to live in quality housing and encourage homeownership.

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