Standard Details - Water

W-1     Water General Notes and Water Service Tap Notes
W-2     Fire Hydrant Setting
W-2A  Limited Space Fire Hydrant Setting
W-3A General Notes: Thrust Block
W-3B  Typical Horizontal Thrust Block
W-3C  Typical Horizontal Thrust Block
W-3D  Tee and Plug Thrust Blocks
W-3E  Typical Vertical Bend Thrust Block
W-4     Vertical Bend Detail
W-5     Ring Connection
W-6    Gate Valve and Valve Box
W-7     Water Valve Box Extension Installation
W-8     Water Valve Box and Water Valve Box Cover
W-9     Typical Single-Family Residential Meter Service Connection
W-10 Bullhead Water Meter Connection
W-11  Commercial Bullhead Water Meter with 1-1/2 Inch and 1 Inch Services
W-12  Typical Commercial or Large Residential Water Meter Service Connection
W-13  Typical Manifold Water Meter Service Connection
W-14  Water Meter Box Unit for 3/4 Inch and 1 inch Meters (Carson 1017)
W-15  Poly Meter Box and Lid for 1-1/2 Inch Meter (DWF65C)
W-16  Concrete Meter Box Lid Details (DFW1324C)
W-17  Concrete Water Meter Box for 3/4 Inch to 1 Inch Meters (Christy N30)
W-18  Concrete Water Meter Box for 1-1/2 Inch Meter (Christy B65)
W-19  Water Meter Vault and Lid Notes
W-20  Typical Water Meter Detail for 2 Inch and Larger
W-21  Double Check Valve Vault
W-22  Air Release Valve and Manhole Vault (Off Street)
W-23 Air Release Valve and Manhole Vault (In Street)
W-24A Pressure Reducing Valve Assembly on New or Existing Main
W-24B Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Notes
W-25 Reduced Pressure Zone Valve and Vault
W-26 Dead End Water Main Automatic Flushing Valve
W-27A Below Ground Blow Off Assembly
W-27B Below Ground Blow Off Assembly
W-28A Above Ground Blow Off Assembly
W-28B Above Ground Blow Off Assembly
W-29  Large Diameter (24 Inch to 48 Inch) Blow Off Valve Assembly
W-30  Railroad Crossing Bore Details
W-31  Bore Detail
W-32  Pipe Through Casing Detail
W-33  Embedment for New Water Line Crossing Over Existing Sewer Line
W-34 Tracer Wire Details
W-35 Valve Box Height Adjustment A
W-36  Valve Box Height Adjustment B

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