Standard Details - Street

ST-1       Street General Notes
ST-2       Street Section
ST-4       Standard Alley Section
ST-5       Typical Median Cross Section
ST-6       Concrete Pavement Typical Plan
ST-7       Concrete Streets Curb Details
ST-8       Concrete Street Keyway Construction Joint Detail
ST-9       Concrete Expansion Detail and Concrete Street Sawed Contraction Joint Detail
ST-10    Manhole & Water Valve Cover Reinforcing Plan (Concrete Streets Only)
ST-11    Manhole Lid Height Adjustment A
ST-12    Manhole Lid Height Adjustment B
ST-13    Valve Box Height Adjustment A
ST-14    Valve Box Height Adjustment B
ST-15    Standard Curb And Gutter Details
ST-16    Ribbon Curb Detail
ST-17    Mountable Curb And Gutter Details
ST-18    Street Rehabilitation Valley Curb Detail (Street Rehabilitation Use Only)
ST-19    Standard Concrete Valley & Concrete Curb & Gutter Fillet
ST-20    Standard Curb & Gutter Replacement Details
ST-21    Residential Stormwater Curb Inlet
ST-22   Curb and Gutter Transition Details for Pre-cast Inlet Outside of Pavement
ST-23A Standard Residential Drive Approach
ST-23B Residential Drive Approach General Notes
ST-24A Standard Commercial Drive Approach
ST-24B Commercial Drive Approach General Notes
ST-25   Horizontally Saw Cut Standard Curb and Gutter Drive Approach
ST-26   Mountable Curb Residential Drive Approach
ST-27   Base Failure Repair with Concrete (Mill & Overlay Projects)
ST-28   Base Failure Repair with Controlled Low Strength Material (Mill & Overlay Projects)
ST-29   Base Failure Repair with Controlled Low Strength Material (Street Preservation Projects)
ST-30   Class B Surface Replacement, Trench Backfill, & Type A Embedment
ST-31   Trench Backfill with Controlled Low Strength Material and Type A Embedment
ST-32 Concrete Pad Modification Examples

Use Applicable Current TxDOT Barrier and Guardrail End Treatments (Mow Strip is Required

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