Public Improvement District (PID)

PID 1 - Service Plan 2019-2020

PID 1- Service Plan 2017-2018

What is the PID?

The Waco Public Improvement District No. 1 (or PID) is responsible for funding a multitude of services that aid the downtown community.

A 28 member board of downtown property owners and stakeholders make recommendations to the Waco City Council.

They also encourage the development of new businesses and promote opportunities for dining, housing and retail shopping. Additionally, the PID works to maintain a clean and safe environment within the central business district.


Where is the PID?

The Public Improvement District stretches from I-35 to Jefferson Avenue and from 11th Street to the banks of the Brazos River. It also runs along Elm Avenue north to Garrison Street.

How is the PID Organized?

The Public Improvement District is comprised of five committees:

Organization Leadership and Planning

- Sets board meeting agendas and reviews recommendations

Design and Service Delivery

- Security, maintenance and improvement projects

Merchant Support

- Works with merchants on projects and incentives

Marketing and Promotion

- Helps promote the PID to enhance downtown visitation


- Focuses on connecting downtown to Baylor students

(Membership on a committee is open to the public.)

Facts About the PID:

  • The PID was established in 1988 by the Waco City Council. In 2012, the PID was reestablished for an additional 15 years.
  • The PID sponsors, supports and encourages downtown events every year.
  • A free graffiti removal program is offered by the PID to downtown merchants.
  • The Downtown Area Shuttle service (or DASH) was started by the PID in 2009 in partnership with Baylor University, Waco Transit, Heritage Quarters and River Square Center.
  • The PID is actively promoting the use and expansion of bike lanes within downtown.
  • Annual PID budgets and operating funds are derived from self-imposed assessments.
  • A shuttle service from downtown Waco is offered by the PID for all Baylor home football games.
  • Working with Texas A&M, the PID developed a concept plan for an integrated system of way-finding signs and mile markers in the downtown park areas along the Brazos River.
  • The PID contracts with private companies for security and landscape maintenance within the district.
  • Each committee (listed above) meets once a month to discuss issues relevant to their field.
  • The PID actively works with Baylor University to engage and inform students of current downtown happenings.
  • The PID also works with city departments to insure property owners are represented by having strong ordinances and policies that enhance the district.