Code Enforcement—Inspection Services

Red Tag Process:

How we use red tags:

City of Waco Red Tag

If an inspection has been performed of your structure and it was determined to be substandard and/or unfit for habitation, the City of Waco may 'red tag' it.

This means demolition is recommended within 30 days or the city will demolish the structure.

What to do if you have received a Green or Red Tag:



If you own the property:

  • You will receive a letter from the City of Waco listing code violations, a recommendation that the structure be demolished and the address of the structure along with its legal description.
  • You may make a decision about whether you wish to demolish or repair the structure.
    • Note: Your financial ability to complete the repairs should be a large determining factor.

If you wish to repair the property:

  • Follow instructions concerning green tagged properties.
    1. 1.  If you own a residential or commercial red tagged structure and would like to repair the structure prior to your Building Standards Commission (BSC) hearing date, you must provide staff with the following items:
    2. 2. A detailed plan and schedule to complete repairs, and evidence of financial capability to complete repairs.
    3. 3. You must contact staff at least three weeks before your scheduled hearing if you wish to change staff’s recommendation and begin repairs.   If staff acknowledges that these items have been addressed, then the property owner will be issued a building repair permit and work can commence prior to the Building Standards Commission (BSC) hearing. 

If you wish to demolish the property:

  • Contact utility companies and have utilities removed.
  • Contact demolition contractors and receive bids for the demolition and legal disposal of building materials.
  • Obtain a demolition permit, then proceed with the demolition.
    • Note: If the structure has been used for commercial purposes then follow all state and federal laws concerning asbestos.
  • You may request that the City of Waco demolish the structure and access expenses against the property in which the structure was located by filing a lien.
  • The fee charged for demolition is determined by adding the cost of the contractor to demolish and haul the debris to the landfill plus the disposal fees.
  • No administrative fees or penalties are included in this charge.
  • You will receive a certified letter that includes the time and date of a Building Standards Commission (BSC) hearing.

When repairs OR demolition are complete:

  • Have the work inspected
  • Owner should receive a “Certificate of Abatement of Unsafe Structure” by mail, showing structure has been demolished or repaired.
  • Record this certificate at the county.

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