Code Enforcement—Inspection Services


Green Tag Process:

How we use green tags:

City of Waco Green Tag

An inspection has been performed of your structure and it was determined that the structure is dilapidated, substandard and unfit for habitation at this time.

What to do if you have received a Green or Red Tag:



City of Waco staff recommends that the owner repair the structure within 30 days or a civil penalty be assessed against the owner.

If you own the property:

  • You will receive a letter listing code violations, the address of the structure along with its legal description.
  • You should immediately contact professional licensed contractors to obtain bids for the required electrical, gas, mechanical, and plumbing repairs.
  • You should obtain a green tag repair permit at 401 Franklin Avenue, and begin work immediately. It is not necessary to wait for the Building Standards Commission hearing to begin work.
  • Electricians, plumbers and mechanical contractors will obtain their own permits.
  • The following work may be performed by the owner or can be contracted out:
    • Foundation piers, wall floor and ceiling framing, and roofing, replacement of rotted materials, window replacement, ceiling, wall and floor coverings, trim, paint, cabinets, insulation, and other items that do not require a state license.

If you wish to repair the property:

  • You must obtain a permit to repair a greed tagged structure.
    • Note: The work mentioned above must be inspected before being covered.
  • Work should be coordinated with licensed professionals.

When work is complete:

If your property remains out of compliance:

  • You are scheduled to appear before the Building Standards Commission (BSC).
  • Owner, lienholders, and other interested parties will receive a certified letter containing:
    • Address and legal description of the structure.
    • List of violations that must be corrected.
    • Time and date of the Building Standards Commission meeting.
  • Building Standards Commission must allow an owner 30-days to bring the structure into compliance.
  • Owner may submit a plan showing a work schedule and financial ability to complete the work.
  • Owner's plan will be considered by the commission and they may allow up to 90-days to complete the repairs.
  • If work is not completed within the time allowed by the Building Standards Commission, the owner will be accessed a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 per day for each violation.
  • If the owner shows that the property is their lawful homestead, the violation shall not exceed $10 per day for each one.
  • Once all repairs are complete and all work permitted and inspected the owner will receive a “Certificate of Abatement of Unsafe Structure” by mail, showing that the structure has been repaired.
  • Record this document at the county.

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