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Jarred K. Robinson Presents: Bold Praise

Event for tourists

Date: 12/14/2019

Time & Place:
Location: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 315 Cleveland Ave McGregor, TX 76657 Time: 6:00 PM

Welcome to BOLD PRAISE! In August we went through a "Revamp", but we believe that in this's time to be BOLD! Being BOLD isn't just about how loud we are, how big our personalities are, or how much we stand out in a crowd! Being BOLD is about doing what God has called us to do, no matter what! Psalm 138:3 says "On the day I called, You answered me; You made me BOLD with strength in my soul" This is why we believe that being BOLD, has to start with your praise! We have some speakers and worshipers coming to join us, who are nothing short of BOLD! We also invite you to bring your friends and family! This isn't something you want to look back on and "wished" you were there for! Our goal is for every person attending to leave with "BOLD strength in their soul"! We'll be waiting for you at the door! Sincerely, Jarred K. Robinson Mobile: 254-640-7828 Email:

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