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Welcome to the next level

Event for tourists

Date: 7/14/2018

Time & Place:
Bell County Expo

"Welcome to the next level" This event is a Workshop/Models Competition. for Aspiring Models, Designers, and Filmers. Register and compete for a chance to represent Renor Nori and Texas in NY/ FW. Workshop educators and Judges: RIO- America next top model (ANTM) Carl- is an Acting coach/Actor known for his many roles i.e., Have and the have nots, Quad, Macgver, Greenleaf and more. Lacie: Founder of CMG- NY/Paris fashion week. Special guest-Actor/Director/comedian- Miguel Nunez Jr. who's known for his many roles i.e, Juwanna Mann, Life, and more. Emeryln Stewart- Is the CEO /Founder of the Ocktober Film Festival in NYC Dorothy Cook- The CEO/Founder of the Millionaire club. Spruce Dickerson- Is an Austinite - Hostess of the event. This special event will be followed by an meet and greet dinner meal of your choice of Steak, Chicken,or Shrimp.

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