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Invader Defense-Shark Attack

Date: 6/13/2016

Time & Place:
This MCC Youth Activities course will meet Monday thru Thursday afternoons from 1 to 4 PM beginning June 13th and ending June 16th.

Watch out! It’s a shark attack! Join instructor Cindy Olbrich of Engineering for Kids in this electronic game design class where we will create our own version of an invader defense game that will allow us to protect a coral reef from hungry sharks. We will use the Engineering Design Process to create a storyboard and outline the rules of play for our game. Then, we will use Clickteam Fusion 2.5® to bring our storyboard to life with programming. At the end of the camp, everyone takes home a working Windows-compatible game (Clickteam Fusion 2.5® does not support Mac or Android operating systems). For children ages 7 to 14 years old. Registration cost is $144. For more information call 254-299-8888 or visit

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