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Email Etiquette

Date: 2/27/2016

Time & Place:
A-301 Antariksh Bldg Makwana Road Next to Timmy Arcade Bldg Marol Naka Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400 059

We bring you this wonderful course on Email Etiquette. This detailed course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Email Etiquette. About the Course: E-mail has generally been used as an informal means of communication. However, as it becomes increasingly popular in the job application process, students need to take time to think through the content of their e-mail and address the message that they might be sending to employers. An e-mail to an employer should never just say “see attached.” The receiver may not even open the attachment. Although employers don’t always read an entire cover letter the first time, they do expect the writer to take time to include the necessary information in an appropriate way. The following rules should be used for e-mail when writing or responding to: potential employers, co-workers, colleagues, business members, and college staff or personnel. You will be taken seriously, and will often be given more credibility.

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