Calendar of Events

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Lunch with the Masters

Chris Wiesinger, The Bulb Hunter Wiesinger is the author of “The Bulb Hunter” and “Heirloom Bulbs for Today.” His interest in antique bulbs was fanned while studying horticulture at Texas A&M. As a classroom project, Chris proposed a comprehensive catalog of rare, warm-climate, heirloom bulbs that once flourished throughout Texas. These are bulbs that thrive with very little water, no artificial fertilizers, and don’t require a hard freeze during the winter to bloom in spring. These antique bulbs produce day lilies, spider lilies, hyacinths, and the salaciously named Naked Ladies. Once common, flourishing along rural roads and in abandoned fields, these indigenous flowers are now depleted. He will share expert information on how to find and grow these bulbs in Central Texas. Bring your lunch and your questions. Join the McLennan County Master Gardeners at The Pavilion at the Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway. For more info, 254-399-9204, FREE