About the Lake Waco Wetlands

Functions of a Wetland

  • To provide habitat for native animals and plants in the central Texas region.
  • To environmentally show how plants in a wetland help “clean” water.
  • To provide educational programs and science based activities for wetland visitors.

Building the Wetlands

  • Constructed as a habitat mitigation project that began in 2001 as a result of the Lake Waco Pool Rise (raising the level of Lake Waco by seven feet).
  • Over 180-acres
  • Partners in construction, programs and research:  City of Waco, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer, and Baylor University.
  • Home to a variety of aquatic and terrestrial plants, mammals, insects, amphibians and reptiles
  • Research and Education Building:  completed in 2004, hub in educating visitors on aspects of a wetland environment.  Baylor University is actively involved in research projects that further enhance aquatic, geologic and forestry education in the area.