What is FOG?

Sewer back-ups and overflows are frequently caused by improper materials such as fats, oils and grease (FOG) being placed into the sewer system. Since fats, oils and grease are lighter than water; they tend to accumulate at the top and sides of sewer pipes and can build up until a blockage occurs. They also tend to solidify as they cool inside pipes. If a blockage occurs, the sewer backs up or overflows resulting in property and environmental damage.


  • Collect grease in a container and take it to one of our five Used Cooking Oil Recycling Drop-Off Stations, located around the city. If you aren't able to bring it to a recycling station, you can also dispose of it in the garbage. Just don't put it down the drain!
  • Place food scraps in waste containers or garbage bags for disposal with solid waste, or start a compost pile.
  • Place a wastebasket in the bathroom to dispose of solid waste. Disposable diapers, condoms, and personal hygiene products do not belong in the sewer system.

Keeping FOG from going down the drain isn't just about the sewer system, though. It can save you money too! Most sewer back-ups occur between the house and the City's sewer main, where the property owner is responsible for correcting the problem.

For more infomation about the City of Waco's efforts to reduce FOG, call Wastewater Pre-Treatment at: 299-2450.