Road Closures / Detours

Due to utility system work or repairs, the following roads have altered traffic flow and/or are fully closed to through-traffic:

Portion of Street Affected
Type of Closure
Estimated Dates
26th St. Baylor Ave. (intersection) closed to through-traffic water line install 03/24/20 - 04/08/20
26th St.. Bagby Ave (intersection) closed to through-traffic water line install 03/23/20 - 04/08/20
McKenzie Ave. 31st St. - 30th St. closed to through-traffic sewer repair 03/13/20 - unknown
Speight Ave. 26th St. intersection closed to through-traffic roadway 03/10/20 - 03/25/20

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work, as quickly as possible, to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality drinking water to all customers.