Water System-Wide Cleaning: Aug 20. - Sept. 30

The City of Waco Water Utilities Services will conduct a system-wide cleaning beginning, Monday, August 20 and continuing until approximately September 30.

This system-wide cleaning will consist of changing the disinfectant in the water from monochloramines to chlorine only, for the purpose of cleaning, or refreshing, the entire system. This type of cleaning is recognized by the American Water Works Association as a best management practice and is proven to sustain high quality water, reduce maintenance and extend the overall life of the system.

The water will not be harmful and will remain completely safe to use and consume. The only noticeable impact for consumers will be a possible bleach or chlorine smell to the water, temporarily.

Throughout the process, Water Utilities Services staff will conduct increased monitoring, as well as flushing hydrants throughout the system, to speed the cleaning process.

The City of Waco conducted similar system-wide cleanings in 2007, 2011, 2013 and 2016.

Anyone with questions or concerns about this process may see the FAQs about the System-Wide Cleaning or contact customer service at 299-CITY (2489).