Please support our preservation mission as access to the fossil bed inside the Dig Shelter is by ticket only. Fee applies.

Parks as Classrooms

Waco Mammoth National Monument

The Big Dig

Students at excavation station

Public Free Dig

Everyone digs at the Monument!

Explore our Excavation Station any time during regular hours of operation for FREE (tools not included)!  Check in at the Welcome Center for rules and information.

About the Big Dig:

You are going to get dirty!

You need sunscreen.

You will excavate replica mammoth fossils and a few other Ice Age surprises.

You will have a blast!

Distance Learning

Your classroom can talk with a Ranger LIVE!

Content can be adapted to any age group.

distance learning

Fossil Clues 

rangers in the classroom

Bring a ranger to your classroom.

Specially designed for 5th grade classrooms, students learn to piece together clues found in the earth.  A ranger comes to your school to help students explore an exciting fossil collection in a fun and interactive 90 minute program. 

Aligns with 5th grade science TEKS. 

Free program; limit 25 students per ranger visit.

Available Thursdays only. Call our Education coordinator at (254)750-7946 to reserve your ranger visit.