Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste Collection

(Consists of larger items that do not fit in your cart for Waco residents.)

Residential Solid Waste Service includes the collection of one 5'x 4'x 4' (maximum) bulky waste pile.
(About the size of a pick-up truck load.)

*Note: additional fees may apply to larger piles. To request bulky waste collection, please call (254) 299-2612.

Commercial Bulky Waste

Waste that is generated by commercial sources (i.e., contractors and businesses) from tenant evictions, or are on vacant lots, will be subject to additional fees. For more information or to arrange for collection, please call (254) 299-2612.

Appliances with refrigerant (Freon), such as refrigerators and air conditioners, left at the curb must have the refrigerant removed by a certified technician and be tagged as such before being placed curbside for pickup. Appliances without certified removal tags will not be picked up.

Bulky waste disposal at the Cobbs Convenience Center

Residents can also take bulky waste and appliances to the Cobbs Citizens Convenience Center for disposal. Residents are allowed a maximum of two visits per month with proof of residency. 

Proof of residency is required (Waco water bill with a driver’s license that has a matching address). No photo copies or delinquent bills will be accepted. 

Note: refrigerators and other appliances with refrigerant must have a label or tag indicating that the refrigerant has been removed by a certified technician. If the tag is not present, there is a fee for removal of the refrigerant.

Bulky Waste at the Waco Regional Landfill

Waco residents may self-haul to the landfill twice per month and dispose of up to 2,000 pounds free of charge. For more information please call (254) 299-2620.

  • Residents must provide proof of Waco residency by presenting their current City of Waco water utility bill (showing residential garbage service) and driver's license with a matching address. No photo copies or delinquent bills will be accepted.
  • Amounts in excess of 2,000 pounds and/or after the second trip in a month, may be disposed of based on the standard disposal fee. Payment must be made at the time of disposal.
  • All loads that are not secured and/or covered will incur a $15 fee.

Dead Animal Collection and Disposal

Waco Solid Waste Services collects and removes dead animals on City streets, rights-of-way, or on private property after it has been placed on or near the curb in a securely tied plastic bag. We request that dead animals be double-bagged for sanitation. There may be some exceptions for large animals.

To request collection service call: (254) 299-2612.

All requests for collection will be addressed 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Note: there may be a charge for collection.

If an animal carcass is blocking traffic or poses a traffic hazard after working hours or on the weekend (during hours other than 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday), please contact the Waco Police Department at (254) 750-7500.