About our current landfill (Permit #948A, 11400 Old McGregor Road)

The current City of Waco landfill is located off of Highway 84 and has been in operation since 1986. A Type 1 Municipal Solid Waste landfill, on average the landfill receives 308,000 tons of waste per year serving an 11-county region with 65% of the waste coming from City of Waco commercial and residential sites.

Why is the City of Waco pursuing a new landfill?

The current landfill’s capacity has only about three years of life remaining (as of January 2022, if the amount of trash being hauled into the landfill does not increase).
Without a new landfill, the City of Waco would have extreme operational challenges and increased costs. This would jeopardize local control of a core city service, having long-term negative impacts on our community.
Planning ahead is imperative in order for the City to have an adequate site in full operation before the life of the current landfill runs out.

Where is the proposed new landfill located?

The facility is proposed to be located at 4730 T K Parkway, Axtell Texas 76624 in McLennan and Limestone Counties, Texas. Which is approximately 0.4 mile south of the intersection of T K Parkway and State Highway 31.

Where is Waco currently at in the landfill permitting process?

On October 18 2021, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision for Municipal Solid Waste Permit – Proposed Permit No. 2400. The TCEQ Executive Director has completed the technical review of the application and prepared a draft permit. The draft permit, if approved, would establish the conditions under which the facility must operate. The Executive Director has made a preliminary decision that this permit, if issued, meets all statutory and regulatory requirements.

The TCEQ is currently preparing responses to all relevant and material, or significant public comments that were received during the public comment period.

What are the next steps in the landfill permitting process?

After TCEQ issues its response to comments, the public will have thirty days to request that the TCEQ reconsider its decision or hold a contested case hearing.  The TCEQ will then hold a meeting to consider whether to issue the final permit, or refer the application to the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) for a contested case hearing (similar to a trial in civil court).  If a contested case hearing is held, then after the hearing, the TCEQ will reconsider whether to issue the permit in light of the finding of the Administrative Law Judge in the contested case hearing.

Where can I find information related to the new landfill permit application?

The permit application, Executive Director’s preliminary decision, and draft permit are available for viewing and copying at the Waco-McLennan County Central Library, 1717 Austin Avenue, Waco, McLennan County, Texas 76701 and Biggs Memorial Library, 305 East Rusk Street, Mexia, Texas 76667 and may be viewed online at:

Information on public participation in the environmental permitting process (from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)

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