Apartments & Multi-Unit Housing Recycling

The Recycling program is provided at no additional cost to apartment complexes and multi-unit housing which receive solid waste disposal service from the City of Waco Solid Waste Services Department.

Requests to establish recycling service at apartment complexes and Multi-Unit housing must come from property management.

  • Solid Waste Services will provide apartment complexes with a dumpster for recyclables only. In most cases, the recycling dumpster(s) should be placed near existing trash dumpsters for ease of use by tenants.  This may require the loss of an adjacent parking space or two.
  • Solid Waste Services will provide each apartment unit with an individual recycling basket. Tenants can then fill it with recyclables and take to the outside recycling dumpster, just as they do with their garbage.  Upon request, Solid Waste Services will also provide educational materials to give each tenant about recycling.
  • Solid Waste Services will replace up to 20% of the individual baskets per year at no charge.  If more are needed, there is a modest replacement fee. 

Because recycling services are included in the monthly service charges, apartment complexes are prohibited from charging tenants for this service.  Complexes may institute a refundable deposit if you have concerns about recycling basket retention.

Why recycle? By recycling, a sizable amount of material is kept out of the Waco Landfill and helps to extend its lifespan.  More important than that, however, is the City of Waco’s commitment to stewardship and responsible use of resources.  Go Green along with us – for more information on adding recycling to your apartment community, call (254) 299-2612.

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