Yard Waste

Cart Information (Green, Blue & Grey)

Green carts (yard waste) are serviced the same day as your trash pick-up day (but by a different truck) they alternate with your blue (recycling) carts by week.

  • Residents will be provided, at their request, blue (recycling) and/or green (yard waste) cart at no extra charge.
  • You can pick up a blue or green cart at the Cobbs Recycling Center or the administrative offices at 501 Schroeder Drive.
  • To request delivery of a blue or green cart, please complete this form.
  • See our calendar here.

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Yard Waste

Cobbs Recycling Center is at 2021 N.44th Street, between Cobbs Dr. and Trice Ave.
Its hours are Tuesday – Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday; (254) 751-8536

Request collection of large quantities of bulky waste or brush from curbside

  • Please call Solid Waste Customer Service at (254) 299-2612 to request collection of a pile greater than 5’x 4’x4’.  This applies to bulky waste and brush piles.
  • Examples of bulky waste include furniture, mattresses, limited amounts of remodeling debris, appliances that do NOT contain Freon.
  • Bulky waste only includes materials generated by residents.

Waco Resident Brush Pile Guidelines?

  • Brush pile must be manageable, approximately 4’ x 4’ x 5’.
  • Branches should be cut to no longer than 5 feet long.
  • Set out brush no later than 7:00 a.m. on your trash day during “green weeks”.
  • Do not place brush piles on top of water meters, in front of parked cars, near fences or mailboxes, beneath overhead wires or low-hanging tree limbs.
  • Brush can also be hauled by residents to the Cobbs Citizen Convenience Center with a Waco residential water bill and proof of residency.
  • Please call Solid Waste Customer Service at (254) 299-2612 to request collection of large brush piles or to arrange for collection of materials generated by commercial sources (i.e., contractors and businesses), from tenant evictions, or vacant lots. Fees may be apply to collection of these materials.