Residential Services

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Solid Waste Fees

Waco residents with curbside cart collection pay a monthly rate of $16.10 for trash, recycling and yard waste collection. Also effective October 1, 2019 Waco residents are allowed 1 or 2 yard waste carts without an additional charge. This change accommodates those with large yards and large amounts of leaves.The residential services provided to single-family households in Waco includes once-per-week trash collection, every-other-week blue recycling cart collection and every-other week green yard waste collection. For the monthly fee, Waco residents with cart service are allowed 1- 95 gallon trash cart, 1 or 2 - 95 gallon blue recycling carts and 1 or 2 - 95 gallon green yard waste carts.
If you have any questions or would like to request a blue or green cart, please contact Waco Solid Waste at 254 299-2612.  If you have questions regarding your residential services and monthly rate, please inquire at 

Seasonal Information - see the Waco Solid Waste Calendar

Brush at Residential Curbside

  • Brush pile must be manageable, approximately 4’ x 4’ x 5’.
  • Branches should be cut to no longer than 5 feet long.
  • Set out brush no later than 7 a.m. on your trash day during “green weeks”.
  • Do not place brush piles on top of water meters, in front of parked cars, near fences or mailboxes, beneath overhead wires or low-hanging tree limbs.
  • Please call Solid Waste Customer Service at (254) 299-2612 to request collection of  brush piles or to arrange for collection of waste or brush from commercial sources (i.e., contractors and businesses), from tenant evictions, or vacant lots. Fees may be apply to collection of these materials.
  • Brush can also be hauled by residents to the Cobbs Citizen Convenience Center or Waco Landfill with a Waco residential water bill and proof of residency.

Automated Trash Collection (Grey Carts)

Residents with residential trash service must use a wheeled grey cart provided by the city for household trash. A second cart is available for an additional $4 per month.

  • All of your trash must be inside the cart, with lid closed, and placed at the edge of the street before 8 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Place the cart with arrows on the lid towards the street, with wheels of the container at the edge of street or at curbside. The cart handle should be closest to the curb.
  • Please keep a 5 foot distance between all carts or items to be serviced and any obstacles, such as parked vehicles, mailboxes, utility meters, overhanging trees or power lines.
  • Return the cart to its storage area (garage, utility room, or the back yard) before the next morning.
  • Brush and Bulky waste collection is available at no extra charge on a call-in basis with some limitations. You must call (254) 299-2612 to request service.
  • Please leave all carts at the residence if you move to a different location. Carts are City of Waco property.

Cart Information (Grey, Blue & Green Carts) & Bulky Waste

Questions? Please call (254) 299-2612
Para informacion en Espanol: (254) 299-2612