Curbside Recycling

Cart Information (Grey, Blue & Green)  Also see the "What Goes Where" tool on the cart page!

Residents are provided, at their request, one or two 95 gallon blue (recycling) and one or two green (yard waste) carts at no extra charge. Here is a quick guide to your grey (trash), blue (recycling) cart and green (yard waste) cart!         

To get one or two blue or green carts for recycling and yard waste, please complete this form.  A cart will be delivered to your service address. Call (254) 299-2612 with questions or download the smartphone app Waco Curbside Services in the Apple store or Goggle Play.

When picking up a cart, please bring a driver’s license and  a vehicle large enough to accommodate the container, which is 46” high, 27.5 “ deep, and 31” wide.  (A pickup truck is usually fine.)

Carts can be picked up from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Solid Waste Services Administrative Office, 501 Schroeder Drive.

For more information, call the Solid Waste Services offices at (254) 299-2612.
Para informacion en Espanol: (254) 299-2612.

  • Recycling carts and yard waste carts are serviced the same day as your trash carts (but by a different truck).
  • The blue (recycling) and green (yard waste) carts are collected every other week, on alternating weeks.
  • A calendar with the blue (recycling) and green (yard waste) weeks as well as collection schedule changes due to holidays can be found here. You can also find next year's calendar here.

Tips for the City of Waco blue cart:

Please put all recyclables including paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and metal cans in your blue recycling cart. Do NOT bag recyclables.                                                                                 


  • Advertising circulars and junk mail
  • Food boxes (please remove liners from cereal boxes)
  • Cardboard boxes (please break them down so that they fit in the cart )
  • Newspaper (all sections)
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Phone books
  • Office paper and school work; envelopes
  • Shoe boxes, gift boxes

Please NO: Binder clips or pizza boxes, no juice boxes, no soup boxes. Please no milk or juice cartons. Please no plastic coated cardboard (such as frozen food boxes). Please no wet paper.

Metals (please rinse)

  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum baking tins
  • Steel (tin) food cans and lids                                                                                     

    Please NO:  aluminum foil, metal appliances, batteries

Plastics (please rinse; all colors accepted)

  • #1 and #2 plastic bottles ONLY

Please NO plastic bags, #3-#5 plastic containers, thin plastic clamshell containers (such as those used for berries), Styrofoam, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or toys. 

Glass bottles and jars can be taken to the Cobbs Recycling Center, 2021 44th Street,  between Cobbs Drive and Trice Avenue (map).

Please NO glass or trash in the blue or green carts. Please no sharps (such as syringes or lancets). To safely dispose of sharps, see this guide.

Please DO NOT BAG your recyclables in the blue cart or yard waste in the green cart.

For timely service, please observe the following:

  • Place all material inside of the cart so that the lid may fully close. Do not bag recyclables.
  • Place the cart with arrows on the lid facing the street, and wheels at the edge of the street or curb.
  • Place carts on the street prior to 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Please keep at least a 5 foot distance between all carts or items to be collected and any obstacles, such as parked vehicles, mailboxes, utility meters, or overhanging tree limbs or power lines.
  • Return carts to your storage area before the following morning.

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