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MPO Policy Board

The Waco MPO is governed by a 20 member Policy Board representing McLennan County, the municipalities within McLennan County, and the various modal interests within the Waco Metropolitan Area. The MPO Policy Board establishes regional transportation policy, identifies regional project priorities, and adopts all plans and programs produced by the MPO.

The Policy Board meets regularly on the 3rd Thursday of each month. All Policy Board meetings are open to the public. Meeting information is available here.

Policy Board Members
Bylaws of the Waco MPO Policy Board 
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Technical Advisory Committee

The MPO Policy Board receives advice and recommendations regarding project-level considerations from the MPO Technical Committee. The Technical Committee is composed of professional planners, engineers and staff from various modal interests, member governments and transportation stakeholders. The primary roles of the Technical Committee are to: 1) Review reports and analysis performed by the MPO staff and/or private sector consultants working for the MPO, and 2) To provide recommendations regarding the priorities of proposed transportation investments.

The Technical Committee meets regularly on the 1st Thursday of each month. All Technical Committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting information is available here.

Technical Committee Members
Bylaws of the Waco MPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Work Groups

The Waco MPO planning process is also informed by several work groups. The work groups provide ongoing, informal stakeholder input into the transportation planning process, but do not make formal statements or recommendations. Work groups help track and evaluate progress on long-term planning efforts; provide in-depth discussion and analysis for specific areas of practice; and provide continuous engagement for regular planning efforts such as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Active Transportation Plan, and other studies. Results of the work groups are presented to the Technical Committee and Policy Board for review and consideration.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Work Group

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Work Group includes MPO staff; city staff representing public works, planning, public health, and parks and recreation interests; and representatives of pedestrian and bicycle advocacy groups.  

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Work Group meets each February, May, August and November on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Meeting information is available here

Connected and Automated Vehicles Work Group 

The purpose of the Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Work Group is to consider the potential impacts of connected and automated vehicles on transportation planning. The CAV Work Group is exploring questions such as: How do connected and automated vehicles affect travel behavior? How does travel behavior affects land use & development patterns? How do land use and development patterns affect congestion, mode share, parking demand, etc? The results of the CAV Work Group will help to inform and guide development of the Waco Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). 

The CAV Work Group will begin regular meetings again in 2023 and meeting information will be available here.