2019 Summer Reading Club

Get prizes just for reading! Register now!

The Summer Reading Club starts June 1 and ends July 31. 


Read 20 hours for the grand prize!
Get prizes for 5, 10, 15 & 20 Hours
Awesome prizes include: slime, keychains, books & more!


Read 8 books for the grand prize!
Get a cool cell phone wallet when you read 4 books
Choose a great book to keep when you read 8 books


Read 10 books for the grand prize!
Get a book light, tote bag or a coffee cup when you read 5 books
Get a vip ticket to attend the Wrap up Meetup when you read 10 books

How to Register for Summer Reading Club

  1. Click here!
  2. Click Register in the top right corner
  3. Choose “Myself” or “Myself & Children”
  4. Fill in your information
  5. Get the ReadSquared App from your App Store*

Starting June 1, read, record your progress and earn prizes!
You can visit the Library to pick up your prizes in July!

*Getting the app is totally optional but totally fun!