Wireless Printing - How To

Wireless Printing @ the Library

You can print from your device at the Library or send print jobs from home and pick them up on our Library copiers.

  1. Click here and register your email address. Enter your email address and select Waco Library.
  2. Click the link to upload your document and send it to the library.
  3. Type your email address and the URL for your file or upload a document from your computer or device.
  4. Be sure to choose B&W or Color (B&W is $.20 per page, Color is $.50 per page)
  5. Click submit.

You will get a Job ID. You need this number to find your job on the Library's printer.
This will be your Job ID for every print job as long as you use the same email address.

The print jobs will be on the Library copiers. Click Release Job and find your Job ID.

If you print from home, you can go to any location to print your job. Your print job will be available for 24 hours after you send it.

Printing via Email

Once you are registered in the system, you can use your email to send jobs to the printer. 

Create an email with the information you want to print or attach the file you want to print.

Your print job will be available for 24 hours.