eBooks & eMagazines

Download a book to read or listen! Take the Library home with you!

Does the Library have eBooks?

Yes! We have eBooks to read, eAudiobooks to listen and eMagazines to enjoy!

What do I need to check out an eBook?

You have to have a library card (click here for info on how to get one or get a card online right away!) and be in good standing (no fines over $5).

I used Overdrive at my old library. Why don't you have Overdrive anymore?

After a price increase in Overdrive, we decided to look to other services to give you a better selection with the funds available. Check out our options below!

Can you help me set up the eBook services on my device?

Yes! Our librarians are happy to help with that. Just ask and we will have you eReading in no time!

So what are the services you provide?


eBooks & eAudiobooks are available through RBdigital!


You can use RBdigital for your eMagazines, too! Just use your North Texas Libraries on the Go information and you can switch back and forth.

Visit North Texas Libraries on the Go to set up an account if you're new to eMagazines.


Set up your account on the website and then read on the web, on your phone, ANYWHERE!

Apps are available for your Windows or Mac desktop, for iOS devices (Apple), Android & Kindle Fire.

If you want some extra help setting up the new app, check out an RBdigital webinar.

Get eBooks & eAudiobooks with CloudLibrary!

Use your library card number and PIN to log in and start reading right away. Or download the apps to take your books on the go!

Apps are available for Mac, iOS devices (Apple), Android, Windows, Nook & Kindle Fire.

What other eBooks can I access from the Library?


Lots of technical and scholarly works to help your learning!

Read on your computer or Internet capable device. Some chapters can be downloaded for reading on the go!

Enjoy awesome picture eBooks!

Read them yourself or have them read to you. Available in English and Spanish.

Great reference books on a variety of topics!

Use them for research or just for learning!

Access them anytime, anywhere from your Internet capable device!

I love free stuff! How can I get more FREE eBooks & eAudiobooks?

Project Gutenberg is the largest collection of free eBooks on the internet. This collection is mainly focused on many classic works and other titles in the public domain. Available in a wide variety of formats.
The Open Library is an ever-growing virtual catalog with individual webpages for millions of books. Contains a collection of over 1,000,000 free ebooks and as well as an ebook lending program for registered users.
Librivox strives to make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet. Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project powered by volunteers, who read public domain works in a number of different languages.