Animal Welfare Board

The Animal Welfare Board hears grievances involving animals or the care of animals initiated by residents of the neighborhood, hears appeals from the decisions or actions of the authority or animal control officers, and request for variances to the Chapter 5, “Animals” of the Code of Ordinance of the City of Waco, section 5-99 Livestock.


To appeal the action or decision of the authority or animal control officer, a person must file a notice of appeal with the City Secretary within five days of receiving notice of the action or decision.


Persons residing within 600 feet of a person who harbors or owns an animal may initiate an action before the board regarding the animal for violations of this chapter or as otherwise provided herein by filing a petition signed by the residents of three per cent of the households within that 600-foot area. If there are less than three households within 600 feet of the lot where the animal is kept, an action may be initiated by one of the households within that area. Such petition shall also contain the printed name and address of each person signing it and a statement setting forth specific facts to support the allegations it contains regarding the animal in question. If the petition does not contain this information, the board may hold the petition to be invalid and dispense with any further action. The petition shall also designate an individual as the neighborhood contact.


Prior to a person being charged with a violation of, section 5-99 Livestock a person will be given notice that they have a right to request for the variance with the City Secretary within ten days of receiving notice of the violation in this section.

Complete copy of the animal ordinance here.


Email the City Secretary's Office, call (254) 750-5750, or come by in person to file or ask questions at City Hall, 300 Austin Avenue.

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