After Hours Customer Service

For emergencies, call 911 (En caso de emergencia, llame al 911)

  • Please note: some services are not available after normal hours.
    After hours phone numbers are listed where available.
  • For a full directory of key city staff and phone numbers, click here.

Frequently Called Numbers

Water Utilities

Days: (254) 299-2489
After 5 p.m.: (254) 299-2489

If you experience a water leak, during periods of high call volume you may not be able to get through to our agents as fast as we’d like.
We invite you to email us your address and a brief description of the issue at

For a water emergency or concern at your property

Call Customer Service at: (254) 299-2489

For a sewer stop-up, or water main break in the street

Call: (254) 750-1654, if busy, please call: (254) 299-2489

 Have you seen someone put something in a storm drain that they shouldn’t?

Is there a strange odor or color like chemicals or pollution in the creek?

Call us at (254) 299-2489 days, nights or weekends to report it, and we will investigate.    

Animal Control

Days: (254) 750-1765
After 5pm: (254) 750-7500

Animal Shelter  (2032 Circle Rd)

Days: (254) 754-1454

Health Department

(Disease reporting) please report any notifiable conditions to the 24/7 disease-reporting number: (254) 750-5411 and/or fax: (254) 750-5405.

Public Works (Streets/Traffic)

Days: (254) 750-8690
After 5pm: (254) 750-8690

  • Traffic signals out or not working properly
  • Traffic cones, barricades, or traffic barrels out of place and causing a hazard
  • Traffic signs down or damaged (Stop signs, Do Not Enter, Wrong Way, Yield, One Way
  • Hazardous potholes, large holes or sink holes in the street

Solid Waste Department- Report a (Large) Dead Animal

Days: (254) 299-2612
After 5pm: (254) 299-CITY

Visitor Information (Waco & the Heart of Texas)

Weekdays and weekends (See hours below): 800-922-6386

Need visitor information?  The Waco Visitor Information Center (VIC) is open extended hours (8 a.m. -5 p.m.) on Monday through Saturday, and noon – 4 p.m., Sunday).

The VIC provides free Waco visitors guides, maps, and coupons, Waco souvenirs, gift items, and t-shirts.  After hours, visitors can obtain information from the website at

Can’t find a hotel room on a sold-out weekend in Waco?  Our staff can assist you.  They maintain lists of which hotels still have rooms.  Call 800-922-6386, or 254-750-8696.

Waco Convention Center

Days (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday): (254) 750-5810
To contact Operations through midnight most nights: (254) 640-2565

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