Charter Reservations

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA), issued a final rule amending 49 CFR Part 604 (73 FR 2326), on January 14, 2008, which governs the provision of charter service by recipients of federal funds from FTA. Waco Transit System provides public transportation and may provide charter service only under the following exceptions defined in the final rule:

  1. 1.) Government Officials (limited to 80 hours annually)
    2.) Qualified Human Service Organizations (QHSO) qualified groups serving elderly, disabled, and low income
    (qualified organizations listed in Appendix A of 49 Part 604)
    3.) Leasing
    4.) Agreement with other private operators
    5.) When no registered charter provider responds to a notice sent by recipient
    6.) Petitions to the Administrator

Please note: Due to limited number of buses and vans in the Waco Transit System, charter service may not always be available. In addition, we cannot guarantee any type or style of vehicle for any charter as the operational needs may change. When buses or vans are available and operational ability is viable, charter service is granted on a first come, first served basis and will follow the charter service facts listed on the charter reservation form. Keep in mind the charter application may be DENIED based upon service availability. Waco Transit System reserves the right to deny charter service or cancel service at any time based on operational required commitment to the public.

Please read and complete the charter reservation form as accurately as possible in order to process your request.

Charter Request Form

*Chrome users, please download form to your computer and fill out to submit.
Email form to Joseph Dvorsky once the form is complete.

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