Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Goals for the City of Waco organization

  • To institute organizational policies and processes to ensure equity and accountability
  • To cultivate a thriving workforce within the organization ensuring racial equity
  • To improve the quality of life outcomes through racial equity initiatives


  • Realignment of Assistant City Managers to create a focus on equity
  • Staff participation in Race Equity Institute Training
  • Members of Government Alliance on Race & Equity
  • Established minimum wage of $15/hr. with WMCEDC for incentivized projects
  • Established equitable water rates
  • Implemented Lead Is Preventable Program
  • Negotiated “Ride for Free” Program with WISD, MCC and TSTC with Waco Transit
  • Implemented Rental/Mortgage Assistance Program
  • Increased employee minimum wage to $15/hour for all positions
  • Implemented NEOGov – an expanded Human Resources hiring platform
  • Increased diversity of department heads
  • Implementation of an Employee Equity Core Team

Employee Equity Core Team

  • A group comprised of employees who have applied to serve on the team
  • Providing thought leadership, guidance and recommendations to the Executive Sponsor
  • Promoting activities and model behaviors and share any lessons learned or resources to support the work of the organization