Our mission is to provide police services to the Waco community with integrity, professionalism, accountability and respect, to preserve life and property, to enforce the law within the framework of the Constitution, to work in partnership with the community, and to be good stewards of the public’s trust and resources.

If you want to make a difference by being involved in your community, performing a valuable service and adding to the quality of life, then the Waco Police Department is the place for you.

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Test Results: Police Officer/Recruit Entrance Exam (February 2019)

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Application deadline closed on January 25, 2019. Background Packets are due on February 7th, 2019 by 4 p.m. Civil Service Testing is on February 9th, 2019. Start time is at 8 a.m. and registration is at 7:30 a.m. Location is at 7601 Steinbeck Bend Rd at the Emergency Services Education Center (ESEC).

The tentative start date with the City of Waco will be June 24, 2019. The police academy will begin Monday, July 8, 2019. 

Applicants who have a permanent and current TCOLE peace officer’s license may qualify for a modified Academy.  We do not offer a lateral transfer program. If you are already certified as a Texas Peace Officer you would still have to go through our selection process. We do offer a fast track program where depending on your years of continuous service and the size of the city you worked for, you could start at a two or five year officers' pay, pending the Chief's decision as to how many months in the academy you would need to attend. You would also have to wait until after your one year probationary period to receive any additional certification/education pay.

If you decide to apply as an Out of State Applicant - you will need to make about three trips to Waco over the three - four month processing time.  We may be able to do everything in three trips but there is no guarantee (there are other factors that must be considered).  We have been able to do everything in three trips in the recent past and we are confident that we can continue to do so. If you are licensed in another state as a certified peace officer, you may opt to take the State of Texas peace officer exam through TCOLE (our state licensing agency). If successful in passing the exam it will allow for an applicant to enter into the *fast track program. Please visit the TCOLE website“ tcole.texas.gov “ for information on the process for out of state peace officers. Since this process can be lengthy, we suggest that you start immediately.

 We look forward to receiving your application. If you are not capable of printing the application from the website and/or would rather have an application packet mailed to you, please let us know.

Please call or email if you have further questions.

The Application Process


After completion and return of the application, you are required to keep the Personnel Unit informed of any changes (address, phone numbers, etc.). Note: failure to do so could result in your disqualification.

The Waco Police Department accepts no responsibility for lost, delayed or misdirected mail. All applications must be returned directly to the Personnel office, or can be emailed to Police-Personnel@wacotx.gov.

The personnel office is located at the Waco Police Headquarters, 3115 Pine Avenue in Waco.

Any one who does not have a preliminary application on file in the Waco Police Department Personnel Office will not be allowed to take the Civil Service Entrance Exam.

The study booklet will be made available to applicants who have a Preliminary Application on file. The booklet includes examples of material covered on the Civil Service Entrance Exam and is designed to assist you in preparing for the examination. Study booklets can also be downloaded in a printable .pdf format.

All applicants who score 70% or higher will be ranked on an Eligibility List based on their score. Tied scores will be ranked according to Civil Service Rules. All other phases of the selection process are either 'pass' or 'fail'.

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