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Poll Completed by Baylor University's Center for Community Research and Development

Baylor University 's Center for Community Research and Development (CCRD) measured the attitudes and perceptions of Waco-McLennan County residents towards crime and victimization, safety and security, and community relations with the Waco Police Department through a telephone survey.

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The Waco Police Department began with the election of a Town Marshall, as provided by the first city charter, in 1871.

The city charter called for annual elections and gave the Mayor the power to appoint four officers that year. Every year, after the election, special committees made recommendationsto the Mayor on who should be hired as city employees. The largest definitive turning point in the history of the Waco Police Department, the Public Administration Survey of 1956 marks the department's transition into a modern police department.

The Waco Police Department responds to over 100,000 calls for service a year, and they are headquartered at 3115 Pine in WacoMore history.