Lake Waco Level Update

Published on October 26, 2022

Lake Level Photo from October 2022

We hope you got some of that rain, Waco!

Drought conditions are still with us regionally, as the rain only impacted the lake about 1/10th of a foot. (We're still grateful, as some areas of Waco saw almost an inch of rainfall!)

Some things to keep in mind:
• Recent rains increased the lake from 450.87 feet to 450.95. Follow the level here.
• Being down 15" might seem small, but over the entire surface area of the lake (about 7,700 acres) is a large amount of water!
• We still need over 15" of rain to end this drought. Learn more.
• Lake Waco is a regional water source serving many Central Texas cities.

Water restrictions are necessary in times like this to preserve our most valuable asset for the future.

We appreciate you, Waco!


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