Solid Waste


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New Residential Fees

• Residential collection base: $17.70
• Extra cart: $8
• Carts left at curb: $20
• Overfilled carts/waste left outside carts: $20
• Unbagged trash: $20
• Use of non-City carts: $20



  • Friday, December 23rd, 2022 Solid Waste Operation Center closed.
  • Friday's green and gray waste collection will move to Wednesday, December 21st.

Saturday (Christmas Eve, observed)

  • Solid Waste Offices, Cobbs Recycling Center, and Landfill will be closed.

Monday (Christmas Day, observed)

  • Solid Waste Offices and Cobbs Recycling Center will be closed. Landfill open.
  • Monday's blue and gray waste collection will be Wednesday, December 28th.

About Us

  • We provide waste management services for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional garbage collection and disposal.
  • A city-owned and operated 237-acre landfill is managed for the end disposal of wastes originating in Waco and the surrounding region.
  • We are a self-supporting entity not funded by city tax dollars, funds come from solid waste service fees paid by customers.