Recycling Services

Residents with curbside trash service are provided, at no charge (upon request):

  • up to 2, 95-gallon blue (recycling) carts
  • up to 2, green (yard waste) carts

Recycling is also available to commercial & non-profit businesses, even if we do not provide garbage services.

Curbside Carts

picture of Blue Recycling cart

Best Practices for Pick-Up

  • All recycling must be in your blue cart, not bagged.
  • They should be empty, clean, and dry.
  • The lid must be completely closed. (Overstuffed carts will not be picked up.)
  • Cardboard left outside the cart will not be picked up (except for the one-time pick up of move-in boxes).
  • Collections occur every other week, alternating with green weeks, on your scheduled trash collection day.
  • Place cart so handle faces your house, and the metal bar faces the street.
  • Place cart at the curb or edge of the street; carts must be 5 feet from obstructions and 3 feet apart.

Cart Schedules

  • Cart must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your pickup day.
  • You may set out your cart after 6 p.m. the night before your pickup day.
  • Retrieve the cart from the curb by midnight on your pickup day.

Storage of Carts

  • City ordinance requires residents to store carts on the premises within 5 feet of the home and out of view of the public roadway. 

Apartments & Multi-Unit Housing Recycling

The Recycling program is provided at no additional cost to apartment complexes and multi-unit housing receiving service from the Solid Waste Services Department. Requests to establish recycling service at apartment complexes and Multi-Unit housing must come from property management.

  • Apartment complexes will be provided with a dumpster for recyclables only.
  • Recycling dumpster(s) should be placed near existing trash dumpsters for ease of use by tenants (in most cases). This may require the loss of an adjacent parking space or two.
  • Each apartment unit will receive an individual recycling basket.
  • Tenants can then fill it with recyclables and take to the outside recycling dumpster, just as they do with their garbage.
  • Upon request, we will provide educational materials to give each tenant about recycling.
  • We will replace up to 20% of the individual baskets per year at no charge. If more are needed, there is a small fee.

crates.pngPlease note: Apartment complexes are prohibited from charging tenants for this service. Complexes may institute a refundable deposit if you have concerns about recycling basket retention.

What to Recycle

Blue Carts

  • #1 & #2 Plastics
  • Mixed paper (newspaper, magazines, junk mail, phone books, etc.)
  • Clean Cardboard (No Pizza boxes that contain grease)
  • Aluminum, tin, and steel cans

#1 & #2 Plastics


Mixed paper & Cardboard

Mixed paper.png

Aluminum, steel, tin cans

Cans .png

Please do not put any:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Glass Bottles
  • Milk Cartons
  • Styrofoam
  • Aluminum Sheets or pie pans
  • Textiles (cloths)

No Plastic Bags




Milk and Juice Cartons




Aluminum sheets




Move-in Cardboard Boxes Collection

Untitled design (12).png

  • A one-time pickup of move-in cardboard boxes is available to residents with a new water bill address.
  • Service must be requested by contacting us within two months of establishing a new account and is performed on the next scheduled recycling collection day (blue weeks only).
  • Boxes (ten or more) must be flattened, stacked, and placed at curbside by 7 a.m.
  • Up to six boxes may be filled with paper wrappings.
  • Note: service is not for multi-family residences with dumpster service.

Request a Move-in Cardboard Boxes Collection

Commercial Recycling

  • Acceptable Items are the same as Residential Curbside Services(PDF, 11MB)
  • Dumpsters & 95-gallon carts are available to commercial & nonprofit businesses for a monthly fee.
  • Recycling containers are provided to each account holder. (No shared containers, please.)
  • All recyclables must be inside the container, items outside will not be picked up.
  • Do not pile recyclables on top or around the container.
  • Do not place recyclables on the concrete pad inside the dumpster enclosure.
  • Do not place or lean extra recyclables outside the dumpster enclosure or carts.
  • Do not block enclosure or place carts near obstructions like vehicles.
  • Please break your boxes down flat to allow for more room in the dumpster or cart.

Dumpster Monthly Fee

Dumpster Service 1X/WK 2x/WK
Commercial Rate; $47.38 $76.99
Extra Service/Contamination Fee $83.74  

Carts Monthly Fee

95-gallon Cart Services 1 Cart/1X/WK 2 Carts/1X/WK
Commercial Rate $5.75 $8.05
Non-Profit Rate $2.88 $4.02
Extra Service/Contamination Fee $8.75  

Other Local Reuse & Recycling Services