Garbage Service

About Service

  • We provide residential curbside garbage pickup once weekly of the gray, 95-gallon waste cart.
  • We also offer a weekly collection of recycling in the blue carts and yard waste in the green carts.
  • All weekly collections take place on the same day.

District Clean-Ups

The Solid Waste Department provides a one-time, curbside, Saturday pickup of bulky & brush waste to residents of each District free of charge. The District Cleanup season begins in November and ends in March each year.

Please check back in with us in September for the '23/'24 district cleanup schedule. 

District Maps

Curbside Cart

Garbage pick up requirements

  • All garbage must be bagged & tied within the gray cart and lid must be completely closed.
  • Overstuffed carts will not be picked up.
  • Bags left outside the cart will not be picked up.
  • Place cart so handle faces your house, and the serial number faces the street.
  • Place cart at curb or edge of the street; carts must be 5 feet from obstructions and 3 feet apart.
  • Collections take place Monday to Friday.
  • Missed pickup? Garbage, recycling, and yard waste missed collections must be reported within 24 hours after your pickup day. To report a missed collection, fill out our missed collection form or contact Customer Service.

Cart Best Practices

Pickup/retrieve cart schedules for your day of service

  • Cart must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your pickup day.
  • You may set out your cart after 6 p.m. the night before your pickup day.
  • Retrieve the cart from the curb by midnight on your pickup day.

Storage of grey waste carts

  • Per city ordinance, residents must store carts on their property within 5 feet of the home.
  • Carts must be out of view of the public roadway. 

Apartments & multi-unit housing

  • Accounts are provided 95 gallons of disposal space per unit at $17.70, collected once per week.
  • Number of units decides the size of dumpster provided.
  • Bulky Items such as furniture must be placed in a designated area to be serviced weekly by request only.
  • Items cannot exceed 20 cubic yards.
  • Please contact customer service for more information. 

Commercial Services

  • Dumpsters for commercial use or residents of multi-tenant properties provided based on service.
  • Multiple services available for needs and budget.
  • Business may also benefit from recycling through reduced disposal costs, increased operational efficiency, and increased employee awareness of recycling.
  • Call (254) 299-2612 to discuss your needs with customer service.

Solid Waste


  • All trash must go inside the dumpster
  • Do not pile garbage on top or around the dumpster;
  • No items placed on the concrete pad inside the enclosure, or items leaning against the outside.
  • Extra items outside of the dumpster not be picked up.
  • Do not block enclosure.
  • When discarding large empty boxes, please break your boxes down flat to allow for more room in the dumpster.
  • Do not force items into dumpster.

Unacceptable Items

  • Concrete, rocks or dirt
  • Refrigerators, freezers, or anything containing Freon
  • Tires, toxic materials, or large amounts of liquids
  • Explosives or ammunition

Bulky Items

  • Large items (such as furniture) can be disposed of for free at Cobbs Convenience Center or the Landfill.
  • Required for disposal is a Waco water utility bill with residential trash service and a matching driver’s license.
  • Bulky items may also be disposed of through your trash service.
  • Please call (254) 299-2612 as there may be an extra charge.

Billing & Fees

Residential Carts

  • All monthly service fee for Waco residents (with curbside cart collection) start at $17.70. 
  • Fee includes: 1 (95-gallon) trash cart, up to 2 (95-gallon) blue recycling carts and up to 2 (95-gallon) green yard waste carts.
  • Weekly collections and alternating every-other-week blue recycling cart and green yard waste cart collection are provided.

Additional Cart(s)

  • Can be requested at $8 each per month.

Special Services

Missed & Extra Service ($10 tax) $10.83
Large Bulky Waste 7 cubic yards ($35 tax) $37.89
Large Bulky Waste 8 -15 cu. yds ($75 tax) $81.19
Large Bulky Waste 16- 30 cu. yds ($150 tax) $162.38
Small animal 35 lbs or less ($45 tax) $48.71
Medium animal 36 -75 lbs ($75 tax) $81.19
Large animal 75 lbs and over ($150 tax) $162.38
Walk up fee per trip (items not at curb) ($45 tax) $48.71

Penalties ($20 per event)

  • We will contact the customer, send a written warning letter with educational information, and waive the fee for the first time occurrence.

Examples include:

  • Carts left at curb
  • Unbagged trash in carts
  • Use of non-city carts
  • Overfilled or carts
  • Waste outside of cart

Commercial Container Collection

Size & Frequency   1X/WK   2X/WK   3X/WK   4X/WK   5X/WK   6X/WK
3yd Fee  $92.12  $147.00  $208.18  $270.27  $332.36  $481.25
Shared Fee  $49.45  $74.77  $104.10  $135.14  $166.19  $240.63
4yd Fee  $106.38  $171.27  $242.54  $314.87  $387.21  $527.15 
Shared Fee   $53.20  $85.63  $121.28  $157.45  $193.61  $263.58
6yd Fee  $143.08  $230.36  $326.23  $423.53  $520.82  $710.18
Shared Fee  $71.55   $115.18  $163.13  $211.77  $260.42  $355.10
8yd Fee  $174.90  $281.59  $398.76  $517.71  $636.64  $866.74
Shared Fee  $87.45  $140.79  $199.39  $258.85  $318.32  $433.38
10yd Fee  $219.08  $352.71  $499.49  $648.45  $837.30  $1,086.87
Shared Fee  $109.54  $176.35  $249.75  $324.23  $418.66  $543.43
6yd Compactor Fee  $227.91  $326.22  $426.28  $526.69  $626.06  $688.97
Shared Fee  $113.95  $163.10  $213.14  $263.35  $313.04  $344.48

Extra Service Fee per container: $83.74

Commercial Cart Collection

Quantity & Size  1X/WK   2X/WK 
 1   95-gallon cart  $21.71  $40.14
 2  95-gallon carts  $36.72  $64.53

Extra service Fee: $10.00 per cart

Commercial Curbside Bulky Waste Collection

Minimum Fee of $150.00 per load.