Specifications, Manuals, and Regulations

Engineering criteria for stormwater management, low impact development, water and sanitary sewer systems, and construction are developed and revised by a City of Waco multi-departmental interdisciplinary team with input from personnel in all the phases of “The Circle of Life of Civil Infrastructure Systems” including Developers, local Engineers, local Suppliers, and local Contractors consistent with the Public Works Department's mission, "to provide and maintain reliable and cost-effective infrastructure that ensures customer satisfaction and the long-term best interest of the community." In developing these criteria consideration is given to geomorphology, geology, local and regional material sources including engineering material properties in addition to federal and state requirements and City Code of Ordinances in these processes.

Suggestions for revisions to current Engineering Specifications will be considered by a multi-departmental interdisciplinary team. Please send via email to Thomas Dahl. Questions can be directed to (254) 750-6622.

2024 Schedule for New Special Provisions to the Standard Specifications for Construction (PDF, 33KB)

No review comments were received during the February 29 through April 2 review period for the April 19 publication.

Summary of New Special Provision to the Standard Specifications for Construction Published April 19(PDF, 89KB)

Standard Specifications for Construction(PDF, 3MB)

Special Provisions to the Standard Specifications
for Construction

Requirements for Pavement Cuts(PDF, 152KB)

Stormwater Management Regulations(PDF, 27KB)

Storm Drainage Design Manual(PDF, 5MB)

Waco Low Impact Development (LID) Guidance Manual(PDF, 6MB)

Final Draft Water & Sanitary Sewer Design Manual

*As-Built Drawings - (available upon request)

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