Right-of-Way Permit Process

An Approved Traffic Control Plan is Required for Almost all Right-of-Way Permits

Please click the above link to learn when a traffic control plan is required and the preparation and submittal requirements there of.

No Right-of-Way Construction Shall be Allowed in the Pavement of Streets Improved for the Prior Five Years with Minimal Exception

In accordance with Code of Ordinances Chapter 23 – Right-of-Way Management Article II. – Construction Sec. 23-33. – New Streets the city shall maintain and reasonably make available a list of all streets improved for the prior five years.(XLSX, 60KB)   Contact ROW-Permits@wacotx.gov for Projects Under Construction. No right-of-way construction shall be allowed in the pavement of the listed streets except in an emergency or as otherwise approved by the city engineer.

Steps to Acquire a Right-of-Way Permit for Street cuts, Drive Approaches, Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter, Alleys and Handicap Ramps

  1. Contractor / Cement Bonded Residential Property Owner submits plans to ROW-Permits@wacotx.gov for plan review. The email should include, date and time stamped photograph(s) showing the full area of the right-of-way of the proposed work, the address for the project, plans with dimensions including distance from the property line and/or adjacent streets, and the contact information for the bonded contractor.
  2. Development Engineer determines type of permit needed (cement permit or street opening permit); distributes approved plans and a summary of quantities to Engineering Administrative Assistant for invoicing and the Right-of-Way Engineering Inspector.
  3. Contractor / Cement Bonded Property Owner will obtain the right-of-way permit and an invoice for payment from the Engineering Administrative Assistant.
  4. Contractor / Cement Bonded Property Owner makes payments through the Inspection Services Department..
  5. Engineering Administrative Assistant issues right-of-way permit.
  6. Contractor / Cement Bonded Property Owner is to contact 24 hours in advance of construction the Right-of-Way Engineering Inspector for the inspection.

Franchise Utilities — Any work within the Right-of-Way

Plan Requirements for Franchise Utilities Right-of-Way Permits
per Code of Ordinances Sec. 23-22. Same—Location and placement.

  1. For 4-inch and smaller franchise utility line note of a 3-foot horizontal separation distance from outside to outside existing water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater facilities is sufficient.
  2. For 6-inch and greater franchise utility line need to show the existing water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater facilities in the plan view and maintain the 3-foot horizontal separation from outside to outside. Need to show in the profile view maintaining a minimum of 6-inch vertical separation from outside to outside when crossing any existing facility.

Expedited process for routine maintenance or repetitive small scale work such as leak repairs.

  1. Utility submits permit request forms via email to ROW-Permits@wacotx.gov
  2. Development Engineer reviews request and issues permit for locations listed on request.
  3. Utility notifies Right-of-Way Engineering Inspector 24 hrs before beginning work.
  4. Right-of-Way Engineering inspects backfill before surface replacement is performed.

Construction within Right-of-Way that does not meet the requirements of the expedited process.

  1. Utility submits permit request and plans to ROW-Permits@wacotx.gov in accordance with ordinance.
  2. Development Engineer reviews plans and issues permit.
  3. Utility contacts Right-of-Way Engineering Inspector 24 hrs before beginning work.

Emergencies — An emergency as defined by City Ordinance.

  1. Utility contacts City Engineer or Engineering Inspections Supervisor before performing any work or as soon as practical after beginning work.
  2. Utility is still responsible for submitting a written permit request to ROW-Permits@wacotx.gov.
  3. After plan is accepted Public Works Department will issue permit.

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