Will designation as a historic landmark protect my property from demolition?

A demolition is any act or process that, in whole or in part, destroys, razes or permanently impairs the structural integrity of a building, structure, object, or site which has been designated a historic landmark.

A demolition delay for a historic landmark is a ruling by the Historic Landmark Preservation Commission, upon application for a certificate of appropriateness, which delays the granting of a demolition permit for a historic landmark property for a reasonable period of time in order to allow time for efforts to preserve the building, structures, object or site.

An automatic delay of up to 90 days may also be granted to properties considered to be eligible for designation as a historic landmark, but not so designated.

A demolition denial is a ruling by the Historic Landmark Preservation Commission, upon an application for a certificate of appropriateness, which denies a demolition permit in order to preserve the building, structure, object, or site.

Does historic designation require me to “retrofit” my property to have a more “historic” character?

No, historic designation will not require retrofitting. If a property owner elects to make an addition or an improvement to his/her property after the designation, the addition will need architectural review by the Historic Landmark Preservation Commission.

Will my taxes increase?

No, historic designation alone does not increase taxes. Property taxes are based upon the McLennan County Appraisal District (MCAD) appraised value of the land, plus the improvements (buildings) on the land.

Will I always need to hire an architect?

No, just as before a designation, minor changes to a property probably would not need the services of an architect. However, just as with undesignated properties, an owner would probably elect to hire an architect or other design or engineering professional to assist in plans for a major change to his/her property. Employment of an architect is at the discretion of the owner.

Are there grant moneys available to renovate my historic home?


Does designation affect…

…changes to the interior of the property?

No, the Historic Landmark Preservation Commission only reviews exterior modifications.

…the use of my property?

No, the use of your property is regulated by the City’s zoning ordinance. Whatever uses are permitted by the zoning for the property are not affected by historic designation.