Cameron Park

Photo of trees and greenspace in Cameron Park, with the Brazos River in the background.

Located near downtown Waco, Cameron Park is a 416-acre oasis with towering trees, two rivers, breathtaking cliffs, playgrounds and a multi-use National Recreation Trail System. Since the William Cameron family donated the parkland more than 100 years ago, the park has been constantly abuzz with parties, festivals and sports.

Hikers and bikers share Cameron Park with fishermen, disc golfers, picnickers and visitors of all ages. Families and school groups fill Cameron Park Zoo, while couples stroll hand-in-hand along the river. Cameron Park is a natural treasure, and it is yours to explore.

Park hours are from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Rent a Park Pavilion

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

From scenic overlooks, twisting trails and giant playgrounds to picnic spots, riverfront fishing and an award-winning zoo, Cameron Park is a true Waco gem with something new to discover in every corner. 

Trail System & Rules

Trail System & Rules

Hiking or biking the Cameron Park trail system is a great way to spend the day outdoors, with trails ranging from beginner to expert levels. Escape the city bustle and explore the natural beauty of Cameron Park.

Playgrounds & Splash Pads

Spend a fun-filled day at one of Cameron Park's three playgrounds, located at Anniversary Park, Northern Gateway Park (also features water misters) and Pecan Bottoms (also features a splash pad).

Disc Golf Course

Course Info

Try out Cameron Park's 23-hole disc golf course. All you need is a disc golf or frisbee to play!

Park Rangers

Three Park Rangers stand next to a Park Ranger truck

Whether by horse, bike, vehicle, golf cart or even boat, the City of Waco Park Rangers are there to enhance your experience and showcase Waco’s great parks! While they are responsible for implementing park rules and city ordinances, their main objective is to help educate the public and serve as park ambassadors for the city.

We rely on our Park Rangers for many things, including:

  • Park patrol and security
  • Public education
  • Tours
  • Instructing guests on safety rules and regulations
  • Emergency response 
  • Community outreach programs
  • Outdoor youth camp activities, such as kayaking and hiking

Feel free to visit with them or give a friendly wave if you see them out patrolling.