Active Transportation Plan

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The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) was adopted by the Policy Board on July 18, 2019 (Resolution 2019-5).


  • To identify policies, programs, and infrastructure projects to support non-motorized modes as a viable transportation option for shorter trip purposes.
  • The plan serves as a resource for member governments to incorporate bicycle and pedestrian elements into roadway construction and maintenance; provides a menu of potential best practices, policies, outreach and educational activities to promote walking, rolling, and biking; and identifies regionally significant priorities for potential inclusion into the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and for federal or state funding eligibility.
  • The plan's recommendations are framed in the context of the Six Es, a concept borrowed from the League of American Bicyclists and Safe Routes to Schools.
  • The Six Es include: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation and Planning, and Equity.
  • Download the Active Transportation Plan(PDF, 13MB)
  • Map of Active Transportation Plan Recommendations

Construction Projects

City of Waco Better Streets Program

Pavement Management Program Project Map

To report a pothole or other problem on City of Waco streets (such as debris in the bike lane), call the City of Waco Streets Department at (254) 750-8690


City of Waco Pilot Scooter Program

Blue Duck Scooters

Education & Encouragement

Enforcement, Evaluation & Planning