Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule

Service Fee
Minimum Permit Fee: $50
Technology fee $10
 Non-refundable Standalone Commercial Plumbing Plan Review Fee $50
For each plumbing fixture, trap, grease and sand trap, water heater, and gas fired appliance $8
For each house sewer, water service and gas service (yard lines installation or repair). Per permit, per line, first 100 feet. $20 each additional 100 feet. $20
For each sump pump, grinder pump or lift station $10
For the first vacuum breaker or backflow protective device installed subsequent to the installation of a lawn sprinkler system $40
Each additional backflow device $10
 Irrigation Plan Review Fee $50 
Per trip fee for irrigation system inspections in the ETJ $60
Discharge line & roof drain fee $10
Re-Inspection Fee
(This fee will be charged after the 2nd failed inspection and after each subsequent failed inspection.)
Appeals to the Building Inspections Advisory & Appeals Board $100
3rd Party Commercial Plumbing Inspection $125
3rd Party Multi-Family/Townhouse Electrical Inspection $77
3rd Party Residential Plumbing Inspection $77

Penalty for Working Without a Permit

In case any work, for which a permit is required by this chapter, is started prior to obtaining said permit, the fees above shall be doubled. The payment of such doubled fee shall not relieve any person from complying with the requirements of this chapter in execution of work, nor from other penalties prescribed herein.